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Forgot the milk for my cereal but tbh i don't really care
Aidan Whelan
Full Name: Aidan Siorc Whelan

Nicknames: Fish-boy/Shark-boy, Fish-freak, Bubba

Race/Species: Merman/Shark-hybrid

Sex and Gender:

Age: 19

Birthday: 6th of November 

Birthplace: North Atlantic Ocean

Current Occupation: Emo Fish Boy™

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Languages Spoken: Irish, English

Religious Beliefs: None

Abilities, Skills, and Powers: 
Aidan can both breath underwater and on land, he doesn't get his full body on land because that would dry him out, but he can stay on the shore and have his head out of the water and be fine

Notable Strengths:
Clear-headed - He learnt that skill when he was a kid, just so he could calm down and be alone with his thoughts
Loyal - Once he finds people who truly care for him, he will always be loyal, no matter what
Independent - He does well on his own, he learnt that as a kid considering he had little-to-no company most of the time, but he doesn't really mind being around other people if they care for him 
Protective - He only learnt that he was protective over people recently, he's especially protective over Glyde

Notable Weaknesses:
- It's been a while since he's been around people so he's rather awkward
Dishonest - He's gotten better, but he still lies rather often
Pessimistic - "Well, we're fucked."
Paranoid - He has a good reason to be paranoid considering his childhood, he's getting better but certain things still set him off 

Usual Attire: Usually just nothing unless Meda dresses him up in adorkable sweaters 

Vehicle(s): Swimming

Habits: Splashes water when nervous

 Swimming || Silence || Bubbles || Small fish || Glyde ||

Dislikes: Loud things || Large crowds || Going deep underwater || Other fish hybrids || His mother ||

Theme Song(s): Pushover by Manafest


Muirin -
Muirin was Aidan's mother, Aidan full out hated her while Muirin didn't even care about her children. Just like any mother of their species, she abandoned them at birth, leaving them to fend on their own, Aidan never forgave his mother and they ran into each other when he was 18, Muirin didn't know who he was but Aidan was furious, he killed her and moved away from the ocean where he was born.

Andromeda - Meda and Aidan have a mutual, loving relationship for each other, she was like the mother he never had and of course, Meda treats him like a son, an adorkable fish son.

Alani - They both have a mutual, hateful relationship, Alani just sees him as food and Aidan sees her as an asshole. If she gets to close, she gets a splash of water to her face.

Glyde Rhonin - Glyde and Aidan are really good friends, they can both sympathize with each other because of incidents that happened because of their species, they get along swimmingly <strike>and he's probably gay for them</strike> 

"Why do you even like me, I'm a black-eyed freak!"
"Go the fuck away kitty-bitch unless you wanna get another splash to the face."
"Are you entirely sure you even like me, like you aren't lying or anything?"
"You stupid cunt, shut your fucking mouth! Oh my god, shut up, shut up, a million times shut up, I'm going to kill you, shut up. Nobody cares."
"I'm not sure why this is still hanging up here. She's dead now."

Aidan and his family is a seemingly rare species, but the truth is, they're rather common and just spend their time in hiding due to their hideous appearance. Aidan didn't really know about this so he immediately went up closer to the surface where several other fish-hybrids resided, of course, they had never seen anyone of his species before so they were either fearful or judging. See, the thing about his species is they're part shark, and everyone is told to fear sharks and it didn't help that he had pure black sclera with seemingly glowing yellow-orange eyes. He spent a lot of time alone in that place because he had nowhere else to go, most people avoided him but a group of teenage fish would torment him, tugging on his hair, grabbing his fins and even one time they threw rocks at him, leaving an unsightly scar going from his left shoulder across his chest. When he was around 13, he had more than enough failed suicide attempts so he tried to blind himself, which only damaged his vision for a short period of time. After four years of torture, he had finally lashed out on the boys, biting one of them with his dangerously sharp teeth and scratching the other two across the chest, unlucky for him, he was in a crowded area and everyone deemed him a true monster, too dangerous to be around civilization. He was banished from that area with no hope of return so he just wandered throughout the ocean, just surviving on his own until finally he ran into his mother, Muirin Whelan. At first he didn't realize it was her, but it didn't take long, same hideous, glowing eyes, curly ginger hair, monstrously sharp teeth and the same pointed, gray shark tail, the realization was one sided and Aidan was furious about everything while she just stayed there, deadpan. Eventually, he lashed out and struck her in the throat, leaving her to bleed out, he was shocked at what he had done and left his home ocean, moving to a rather large lake near the ocean. After a few months of staying there, a person around his age came over to visit often, the person didn't seem to notice he was hear until he worked up the courage to say hi, they were shocked for a second but decided to talk to the shark who caused the house nearby to become abandoned. Glyde and Aidan both got along really well because they were both mutants with troubled pasts, they would visit Aidan on a daily basis and have nice chats with him, but he was still suspicious, not knowing if they were true or not. He spent the next year there, alone, so he made a wish on a shooting star 'I wish for someone to care.' he muttered, suddenly, right in front of him, a bright light appeared, followed by a woman with blue skin and flowing hair that looked like the stars. The woman smiled kindly and he repeated his wish again 'I wish for someone to care.' after that, her smile faded and she bent down at the shore, looking at him and starting up a conversation, introducing herself as 'Andromeda'. They had a lovely conversation together, it was the first time in a while he had felt sincerely happy, eventually another light appeared behind her, but she moved away and started yelling at no one, but he didn't question it, a girl from space just came and started talking to him. After the argument, the light faded and Andromeda screamed from happiness, it seemed she was allowed to stay on this planet, she was allowed to stay with him. Soon enough, Aidan's neighbor showed up, Glyde and they became instantly fascinated in Andromeda, I mean come on, she was a living star! Her and Glyde decided to move into an abandoned house close by while Aidan and Glyde "found" some clothes for the girl, and by found, they scared shop owners into giving them clothes. Now, they all live in harmony, Aidan sometimes coming over and sitting in their bathtub just for the heck of it.
Andromeda Ref Sheet
Adopted from possholl

Full Name: Andromeda

Nicknames: Meda, Star, Shooting Star, Crazy Blue Chick, Mom/Space Mom

Race/Species: Living star

Sex and Gender: Female

Age: 27

Birthday: 18th of March

Birthplace: Space

Current Occupation: Mom friend

Sexual Orientation: Asexual

Languages Spoken: English, Greek

Religious Beliefs: (Doesn't know what religion is)

Abilities, Skills, and Powers: Ability to grant wishes (with limitations), long lifespan 

Notable Strengths:
Calm, cool and collected - Can stay relaxed in the most tense situations 
Organized - Practically has a draw for everything in a special order
Motherly - Cares for everything and everyone no matter what
Optimistic - Tries to stay positive in any situation

Notable Weaknesses:
Over-protective - Cares about people close to her almost to an extreme
Optimistic - Uses positivity to hide how she really feels

Usual Attire: A long-sleeved white shirt that's rather loose around the wrists with light gray shorts, she doesn't wear shoes or socks that often because they feel weird to her unless they're heelies

Vehicle(s): Heelies

Habits: Falling asleep in weird places

Likes: Cats || Granting wishes || Positivity || Her children || Space || Stars || Astrology

Dislikes: Sin || Pain || People suffering || Having to go back to hibernation || Death

Theme Song(s): Buy The Stars by Marina and the Diamonds 


Asteria -
Asteria is the mother and goddess of all stars and acted as a role model to Andromeda despite there being no real . Her and Andromeda did have quite frequent arguments, mostly about hibernation and how she could really make a difference despite the possible consequences.

Aidan Whelan - Meda cares a lot for him and his almost constantly watching over him and checking up on him due to his self destructive tendencies. He was the first mythical being she had met and the first she had made a wish for and she cares a lot about him, only hoping that he feels the same way

Alani - Meda flat out /adores/ Alani, she loves showering her in affection and gifts. It is a mostly one-sided relationship considering that Alani only wants food and world domination 

Glyde Rhonin - Surprisingly, Meda did not meet Glyde through wishes but rather through Aidan. Glyde was fascinated by just Andromeda in general and wanted to study her more closely, wanting to truly understand how a star could really be a sentient being, but Meda doesn't really care, she just thinks they're cute.

"I'm a mom making a difference!"
"Wishes don't last forever y'know.."
"Why is it so small?"
"I'll stay with you till the end of time!"
"Don't say such foul language! You're still a child maybe!"
"Alani gave me love scratches!"
"I'm not going back to sleep mother! I can make a difference on that planet and for the stop treating me like a youngling!"
"This is my favorite kind of magic!"

Ever since the beginning of time, Asteria the goddess of stars has been creating the stars we see, but rather than them just being glowing balls of gas, they're sentient beings in a comatose state until their time comes. Their time? Well, that happens when someone makes a wish on a shooting star, one of those living stars is sent down by Asteria to grant their wish, of course they do have set rules they have to follow but so far none of them has had to have deny a wish. Andromeda was generally an unlucky one, she always seemed to be sent down at generally bad moments, war, death, famine and disease, she had witnessed it all. She had always hated going back to hibernation because she felt like there was always something she could do about this, despite only hearing their voices from the vast void of space. After years of doing this, she had been thoroughly traumatized, but she learnt how to hide this and not let it affect her job as she was sent down to grant a a cat. She could understand many languages, but cat was not one of them so she gave her the ability to speak and found out her name was Alani and that she wished for world domination. Of course, this was against the rules so she denied it but allowed her to keep her ability because she just adored cats, but after this, Alani got rather mad and started to attack Andromeda, but in that fit of rage, they were both sent back up into space into hibernation, just stuck with each other's thoughts. After only a few months... or years they never really kept track she was sent back down to grant a wish to a lonely fish-boy. When the boy had first saw her, he didn't bother with any chit-chat, just straight to what he wanted, someone who cared. She had always felt bad for the people she granted wishes to, but this left a pang in her heart, this was her chance to make a difference, one little step at a time. She sat down at the edge of the water and introduced herself, trying to learn more about the strange fish-boy, he hesitantly replied, still weary of the girl as they chatted for what seemed like hours. After a while, it was time for her to be sent back up, but she denied, wanting to stay on this planet for as long as she wished, Asteria was beyond furious with her decision, telling her to get back into her place immediately. She continued denying, stating her reasons to stay on this planet to help others, but after around half an hour of their argument, it had finally ended with Asteria stating that she can stay on the planet, but if she ever returned to the nebula, the consequences would be dire. Andromeda was overjoyed she could barely stop herself from screaming, there was so much she wanted to see, so much she wanted to do, but first, she needed a place to 'reside' as Aidan and Alani had told her. Luckily for her, there was a house near the lake that no one dared live near due to so called "shark sightings" which were of course both true and false. After Alani and her had both settled in, they also made comments on how she would need clothes even though she didn't really have any genitals, so Aidan just brought back some nice clothes he had "found" and gave them to her. After a few days of staying on that planet and discovering things that she deemed 'useless' she had met another human-like creature who apparently knew Aidan. After introducing themselves, Glyde was immediately fascinated by the strange woman, sure she had seen and read about a lot of creatures but she had never thought she'd witness something like this. They kept wanting to learn more about her, about the gods and about how she could've spent so long in space without anyone knowing, so Meda offered for them to live with her, in which she politely agreed. And even to this day, she's still on that same planet, in that same house, aware but also unaware that her time will come, her time for something else, something much worse.
1. Choose one of your OCs.
2. Your OC must answer every question as truthfully as possible.
3. Journal title should be "OC Interview".
4. When you’re done, tag as many people as you wish.
5. Have fun!
(I'm doing a few from that weird alternate universe I have -w-)
Andromeda: Hey~!
Glyde: Uh, Hi...?
Aidan: Hi..
Alani: Yooo

1. What is your real name and nickname?
Andromeda: I don't exactly think I have a last name or anything, just Andromeda, but everyone just likes to call me Meda
Glyde: Uh, Glyde Aya Rhonin and I don't really have a nickname I don't think
Aidan: Aidan Siorc Whelan and just like them, no nickname
Alani: I'm Alani, I'm a fucking cat

2. Interesting... What's your current age?
Andromeda: I think I'm about 27....still got a long way to go
Glyde: Like 19 or something
Aidan: Same as them..
Alani: Uh yeah I have no goddamn idea

3. Uh-huh. What's your favorite food? 
Andromeda: Oh, I don't really need to eat but I do quite enjoy pastries or bread based foods
Glyde: I like fruits and stuff....
Aidan: I like fish and chicken, white meat, right? I hate the other kind...
Alani: Like cat food, but no one of that tinned shit

4. And your favorite drink?
Andromeda: It's just like food, don't need it but I do like just plain water
Glyde: Tea, especially, uh, chamomile, calms your nerves..
Aidan: Uhh what? Water I guess? I'm a fish soooo...
Alani: Like milk and shit like that

5. Confession time! Who's your lover?
Andromeda: I love the moon, the sky and the stars~!
Glyde: U-uh..well, you see.... *awkward flustered bean noises*
Aidan: W-what kind of question is that! N-no way...
Alani: Wtf kind of question is that im a cat who can speak english for some fuckin' reason so ew no

6. Have you kissed anyone yet?
Andromeda: Yes, of course! I kiss to spread my ability to grant wishes, like a shooting star~
Glyde: Besides my mom, no
Aidan: Well there was this one time when I was a kid that i got dared to kiss an eel...does that count?
Alani: Oh heeeeeeell nah

7. What about your childhood sweetheart?
Andromeda: Child....hood? *confused space noises*
Glyde: Well, my family mostly lived in solitude so I didn't get much social interaction
Aidan: Can we just not talk about my childhood?
Alani: First of all, ew

8. Who's your favorite author?
Andromeda: Oh! Well I can't choose but it's definitely between Oscar Wilde or Charles Dickens!
Glyde: Oh god....I just love so many!! I love modern ones, classics, poetry-Oh god, I'm rambling again, aren't I?
Aidan: Not sure if you've ever tried, but it's rather difficult to read underwater

9. Now what's your biggest fear?
Andromeda: O-oh...that's kind of personal but I would have to say death....please do not make me explain.
Glyde: Heights, just heights.
Aidan: I hate going deep underwater, that's where all the freaks are...oh wait *awkward laughter*
Alani: I bloody hate dogs, the devil spawn I tell you

10. Any siblings?
Andromeda: Siblings? I am not familiar with that...
Glyde: Well let's see, shall we? I got my three older brothers, my two older sisters and my two younger twin brother and sister
Aidan: I don't think so...And if I did, they'd be dead by now
Alani: Probably but I don't really care, I gotta goooood life here 

11. Almost done, it's only twenty questions. Who's your hero?
Andromeda: Oh that's easy~! It would definitely have to be Asteria, the mother of all the stars~!
Glyde: Uhh, I don't know? Who ever the hell invented tea?
Aidan: Oh definitely my loving mother! Ha, what a joke, a lump of dead seaweed is a better hero than her.
Alani: Me, I'm amazing

12. OK, who's your worst enemy?
Andromeda: I don't really have an enemy, I try to be nice and kind to everyone~!
Glyde: Goddamn Lonan....
Aidan: Oh y'know, just kind of everyone...*looks at Glyde* with a few exceptions
Alani: Oh that fucking dog that like actually tried to kill me I will call my lawyer

13. Huh, alright. Now who's your best friend?
Andromeda: *groups hugs everyone* My children!
Glyde: Aidan's pretty cool, despite him being a total ass when I first met him
Aidan: Glyde's alright, I guess....
Alani: I like actually hate everyone except for maybe Andromeda because she feeds me a nd

14. Interesting... What would you do if you met your creator?
Andromeda: You mean Astrea? I have already met her~!
Glyde: What, like parents? I haven't met my dad so....
Aidan: A slap to the face and a little bit of a shank! To my mother of course.
Alani: What

15. Now, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Andromeda: W-well, I haven't really got much of a choice, It's too long to explain but I'm not really sure a the moment...
Glyde: Something where I can avoid people, soooo probably an author
Aidan: Fuck...I don't know, at least something I hope...
Alani: W h a t

16. What's your worst nightmare?
Andromeda: *war flashbacks*
Glyde: Re-living a previous incident
Aidan: Me being born, oh wait, ha
Alani: That numbnut dog actually growing a brain

17. What's your lifelong dream?

Andromeda: To grant a thousand wishes~!
Glyde: Uhhh, not sure..I'm still young though, I've got plenty of time to think of it!
Aidan: To show a bunch of pricks up
Alani: World domination 

18. What would you do if your lifelong dream came true?
Andromeda: I would be ever so happy, ha ha~!
Glyde: Uh...
Aidan: I could finally like myself!
Alani: Peasants

19. OK, where's your favorite place to relax?
Andromeda: Down by the water's edge where we live it's rather shallow so you can just stick your feet in and just relax
Glyde: Probably like in my room or somewhere, i don't know
Aidan: I live rather close to Glyde and that so I just like going to the shore and talking to them
Alani: Kitchen, there's food.

20. Last question! What do you spend most time with?
Andromeda: My children
Glyde: A book, never know which one
Aidan: Water I guess?
Alani: Hairballs and weird cat toys
21. We're done! Now tag whoever you want. DO IT.
i know u have already done it but do it again bcuz ya
do it nerd
Sup gays
When I can /actually/ draw again I will be doing a shit tonna art for PONY.MOV bcuz i'm fucked up
A lot of it will be NSFW just lettin' you know
So if you can't handle gore, weird sexual shit and stuff like that don't look it up, you'll be scarred for life.


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